With shades of gray infused with tints such as green, khaki, putty, purple, and slate, this home confirm that couch upon layer of tonal grays fetters even more interest to this favored neutral. The rhombus-pattern passage, brick floor, striped rug, and diversity of pillow fabrics add interweave and interest creating a monochromatic scheme that is […]

Clean and Modern Soft blues and tans mix perfectly with the white supplies and draperies to create a contemporary boy’s nursery. Little nitty-gritty, like the navy blue boiling on the chair, help to add demarcation to the space. Design by Susie Fougerousse of Rosenberry Rooms From: Susie Fougerousse 5 Of 22 The Color: Farrow & […]

Soft greys on the fortify, ceiling, and larger accessories compel for a serene yet contemporary bedroom setting. But vibrant red accents breathe life and personality into the otherwise neutral space Yale conservator Ian McClure contrasted the bedroom painting with its famous counterpart, the Night Cafe, which he said Van Gogh painted as a den of […]

There’s more than one industry player placing the spotlight on gray. Kelly-Moore Paints selected Horizon Gray KM4858 after a survey of interior designers and members of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). “Within the 2016 palette, we see a shift from cleaner, violent chroma colors, to more softened, calmer colors,” says operator of color […]

Lighting is key, and the dimmer switch is a gift for mother. It allows you to turn down the lights before bedtime and create “sleepy” frame of mind lighting. It also permit you to slip in and out during the night to check on your child without disturbing him or her. If you don’t want […]

It is a wonderful color for the kitchen, deipnosophism room, and active room because it is very raised and sociable. If used in the bedroom, make unfailing it is an earthy or pale yellow The truth is, skin hide tones also work prime as bedroom wall colors, because they produce an energy similar to an embrace. The Life of skin […]

While it’s an old bend, it is still, and will continue to be popular.  It’s a very safe option if you plan not to change the decor of the room for generations as it doesn’t have a time stamp on it.  Think of the interior design trends of the 60’s and 70’s, they went out […]

Traditional bunk beds are one furniture, but taking sleeping arrangements to elevated new heights is another. Popular fashion blogger, Nicole Feliciano, of Momtrends.com, created a fashionable yet functional rank for her two little girls. “In NYC, space is tight, and you have to be creative. We vagary of the four bedroom, 2500 sq.ft. apartment, but […]

Linen White + Sunny Yellow + Dove Gray White is a go-to choice for bedrooms because of its mitigating, artless properties. Plus, it can be interpreted as fin de siecle, traditionary, cottage, or vintage. In this cheery Time, the neutral goes cottage, with splashes of cream on the bedding and plenty of style-specific accents, such […]

While this Maryland home features mostly muted tones, a canopy in royal violet adds a regal touch to a girl’s bedroom. The tulip wallpaper comes from Harlequin, and Nevis curtains by Lady Ann Fabrics are trimmed in a Samuel & Sons pom-pom fringe Fashion-Forward Color Scheme Slate + Lemon + Cloud The oh-so-well-bred kind palette […]