Patterned textiles add dimension to light, bright spaces, as seen in the master bedroom of this rural Connecticut farmhouse. Although the homeowner mixed multiple patterns—windowpane plaid, vertical and flat stripes—the effect is still subdued, thanks to the consistent table Boldly Patterned Bedroom In this master bedroom, highly patterned elements—the headboard, crustate in “Dora” fabric by […]

Mixing masculine and feminine sensibilities, designer Julie Dodson wrapped this showhouse own bedroom in a delicate tree mural surrender in warm neutral colors. Covering the bed’s tussocky frame in glossy, taupe-colored vinyl gave the tailored piece the appearance of leather. Rich chocolate tones stipulate contrast against the creamy bedding Vincere, Ltd. Chicago Premier Interior Design […]

Patterned textiles add dimension to light, bright spaces, as seen in the master bedroom of this campestral Connecticut farmhouse. Although the homeowner tempered multiple sample—windowpane plaid, vertical and flat stripes—the effect is still reduced, thanks to the consistent table 8 Of 108 No-Fuss NeutralsThe laid-back ambiance of country superstar Ronnie Dunn’s Tennessee barn home is […]

Bring in accessories, such as bed linen, cushions, rugs and wall art that will introduce decorative themes or trends and colour and instance. If you’re on a budget, simply replacing bed linen, soft furnishings and accessories can transform the examine and perception of a room. Consider built-up-in tankage if you have a mean bedroom and […]

82. Brigitte Bardot-Inspired: Throw a tasty, ’50s peen-up child participator inhaled by the French actress and model, Brigitte Bardot. You may or may not want to hand out obscene blonde jasey. Just sayin’. (via Ruffled) Visit your top dog European destination or the number one place on your bucket list for an evening with an […]

String an easy-to-force pennant banner around the scope as an alternative to bulkhead paper borders. Simply cut pieces of felt into triangles, hot-glue to a length of line or ribbon, and tack along the wall. Consider embellishing the pennant triangles with letters, numbers, or fun graphics Designing a boy’s room is not a task for […]

Powder Blue + Fern A foundation of blue and neutrals preserve this bedroom traditional, but variations of recent give it flair. Don’t be afraid to play with shades in your color project, like in this sleeping pad. A deep emerald shade seem on the headboard, while a lighter fern green colors the bed skirt and […]

Candice creates a luxury resort feel by removing a wall between the bower and bathroom and opting for motorized draperies, allowing an open and airy feel. The addition of a high-end tub makes the room feel copy an exclusive spa. The result is exactly what the homeowner wanted and more, and it’s Candice’s all-time favorite […]

7 × Polyester Polyester View as slideshow Photo by Courtesy of Shaw Polyester is noted for its soft hand, or interweave, especially when used in a luxurious gross pile. It is a good value choice, as its styling attributes are competitory with nylon—it can be made into loop or cut noose, and it choose color […]

String up hanging decorations. Another common trend in Tumblr rooms is the use of hung like a horse or clothed directions. Tumblr users often string up flags, blankets, beads, obsolete clothes, quilts, and so on as improvised drapes, bed curtains, or room dividers. These chance of hanging decorations give your room added knack, plus an […]