how to design a bedroom 3

how to design a bedroom 3
picture how to design a bedroom 3
impression how to design a bedroom 3

Stacey Sheppard, Interior Blogger I absolutely love this bedroom and it has actually inspired my own bedroom makeover. The bold use of indigo is classy and sophisticated and creates a slumber-inducing atmosphere. Blue is a very calming and soothing colour to use in the bedroom and can aid restful sleep. The use of cankle knits, Damask prints and patterned pillow note to the cosy touch of this room. Image Credit This bedroom has the all-important soft stonewashed linen sheets, a bit of greenery and a cool poster. I probable single bedrooms, that aren’t overly fussy, so to me this is perfectly peaceful. It’s also very easy to coördinate. If you wanted to add fashionable crayon colours for example you could merely add a flowing pink pillow case or a throw. Image Credit To create a calming ambiance in a California vacation home, designer Frances Merrill brought in neutral colors, including a floor painted in Benjamin Moore's Rockport Gray. A Blu Dot Dodu bed in oatmeal wool felt and boudoir brass in Kerry Joyce's Rigoletto velvet add texture, and the bedside lamps are from West Elm Missing a guest bedroom in his New York apartment, Amir Khamneipur created a pair of six-foot-long banquettes that pivot to become twin beds. Upholstered in a Perennials outdoor fabric, they have shaped-in drawers for stashing luggage This beautiful soft industrial cubicle featured on the cover of the pierce issue of Warehouse Home – and it’s been experience very lay! The original features of a bankshall conversion, such as exposed brickwork, can often feel ‘hard’ and ‘male’. Old and new steel supplies is especially striking in such spaces but can also feel cold. When styling the Warehouse Home cubicle (above), we wanted to prove that industrial chic can have a soft side. A custom galvanised steel sing bed, designed exclusively for Warehouse Home by Inspirit Deco, was the focal step of our bankshall bedroom. And beside it, a harvest industrial bedside cabinet. We then used a ‘strong and womanish’ palette of greys and blush pinks and a kind of interweave fabrics (linen, tweed, velvet), to bring vehemence to our bedroom and soften the industrial look. Select vintage accessories complemented the warehouse conversion’s heritage features, while flowers and ornamental vintage glassware further enhanced the “femininity” of the space. Styling by Sophie Bush & Carole Poirot. Photography by Carole Poirot I have seen this image appear up on my Pinterest satisfy a few times in the spent and have always thought I would love to be lying in that bed reading a good book! I love the contrast of black and white and contemplate it’s a cunning decision to have the fur on the end of the bed so it warms up the rest of the scheme. The graphics is oversized but not overpowering and I am always drawn to a simple colour palette- in this action it’s Cimmerian, white and brown with a touch of gold. It’s simple, elegant and beautiful.  Image Credit Emily Nicholson, Interior Blogger Ideally, a bedroom should be a clean, minimal space for you to unwind in, but I also love how creativeness has crept into this Scandi interior. Full of personality, this scrapbook/inclining arrangement complements the DIY aesthetic of the room and accompanies the hanging bulb light fixture perfectly. Framed pictures are non-existent but instead, a quick place of inspirational imagery taped to the wall is the ultimate effortless decorative feature. I like how dark accents can be perceive from the tape, light and bedside table; bringing all of the decorations together, but still inyoke that free element. Image Credit Cate St Hill, Interior Blogger I love this bedroom for a contain of reasons: it just looks so calm, relaxing and welcoming. It belongs to Netherlands-supported interior stylist and journalist Holly Marder, who has a fabber blog called Avenue Lifestyle. When you see the before images you will realise just how successful this bedroom makeover has been. Before it was dark and adorned in a garish purple and orange, but Holly has transformed it into a calm retreat by picture the floorboards and walls white. I inclination how the design is asymmetrical, there’s two distinct bedside tables, two different lamps, and a cluster of framed pictures on just one side, but it still really works, you sir’t have to be too rigid and use the same thing on each side, especially when there are two other people in the bed, with two dissimilar personalities! Image Credit What we are around Our comission is to help people visualize, create & maintain beautiful homes. We bring to you inspiring visuals of cool house, specific spaces, architectural marvels and new design trends. Follow us for a daily dose of outstanding homes, intelligent architecture & beautiful design. Facebook Google+ Twitter Pinterest Tumblr RSS For me, the bedroom is a space that needs to be calming, harmless and light. I hate clutter around me when I penury to sleep so the minimalism of this room accusation to me. I also want my bedroom to be as bright as practicable in the morning to motivate me at the start of the age, so the fortunate counterscarp, bedlinen and the painted possession are the completed union as they allow the light to scold around the room. I love the natural touches of the bulbs, the raw wood of the bedside table, the baskets by the range and the beautiful crocheted wrapt, which increase touches of character to the room. This room is the perfect blank canvas for rest and relaxation. Image Credit 6 Of 74 Matching Multiples More really is better when it comes to filling up a boring, blank wall. Upholstered with brisk pure linen, a traditional bed frame feels unfaded: ruddy paired with a series of canvases. Blake Devries Old World style can cause a luxurious, kingly appear to a bedroom. Ornamental wrought-power low-level in the chandelier and headboard bring European influence to this chamber intend by Thom Oppelt. Wooden ceiling gleam, intricate wall sconces and textured rampart are key design elements of the style. Word Count: 1011

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