rooms to go king bedroom sets 4

rooms to go king bedroom sets 4
image rooms to go king bedroom sets 4
graphic rooms to go king bedroom sets 4

Leonor of Corpus Christi, TX on Aug. 9, 2016Satisfaction RatingI purchased a bed determine back in May. I was very ecstatic about the decision I made. Nothing or no one could change my belief. So about 2 weeks later I got my cohabit set utter and put together by delivery guys. I was very happy and satisfied. But once delivery man left I noticed a black shame on my mattress as I decided to admire it for a particle. I decided to look all the road around and boom what do you savvy I have damaged marks on my side panels. Moving forward so I warn a pair of days later to tell cs about the damages I had being I only had the bed put for a couple of days. A week later they sent out a technician. He went ahead and looked over it and asked for a substitute. OK so that's covered.Months past I'm getting really close to complete paying my bed set. Set day for content off was for August 4 but by the end of July I noticed again my nightstand was also damaged. So once again I'm calling CS to send out the technician again to observe injury. But this tempo I had inquire for him to observe all the equipment being this is NOW the second time I call to complain. Set appointment was set 2 weeks later. Being my pay off date was coming promptly. Tech comes sees damaged on night stand but wow. There were more amends than what I thought. My headboard was divided in two places. My front panel also had a disunite. My dresser had scratches and I also had a bubble on the dresser. Wow!At this stage I was upset but put my faith in the tech to get everything replaced BRAND NEW. My dresser, front panel, headboard, and nightstand were all being refund. That's a relief, right. Lol well hell no it was not. Yes they replaced everything as asked. But just to cause everything back to having a far more disadvantage of damages. At this point I'm pissed upset and I'm also fighting for my restore as I am no longer a satisfied customer even if they repay the coverlet again for the 3rd delay! I would not recommend Rooms to Go for anyone! At all this place is a joke and should be shut down! End of story!Helpful?YesNo Storage: Girls need share of storage space, and our wide choice of dressers and chests provides ample room for girls to put their clothes and personal items. Affordable and well-constructed, our dressers and chests can withstand strong necessity. Many of our dressers come attended with mirrors. We also offer a full boundary of desks, which add storage duration and valuable workspace to a room Our problems extended from discharge/assemblers not having the proper ironmongery, brackets and/or screws to assemble furniture items purchased when delivered. Which ultimately arise in the movers/assemblers having to leave bulky slow boxes in the middle of our floors for over a month and a half. It took quite some time for Rooms to Go to figure out what hardware was needed. After a few invoke corporate had the much needed parts shipped overnight. The overnight shipment parts made it to the residence almost a neptad later. When the assemblers accede to put the bulk item together, they discovered that the wrong brackets and screws were sent. Another attempt had to be made to obtain the proper ability, which during that shipment, the items eventually became perplexed in shipment. Eventually the shipment subvene and they were able to complete the jobs Resolution In ProgressWe purchased a couch suite that was aligned with silver studs. Within a few months the resplendent studs are rusting off with. Still within the security period, Rooms to Go refusal to assist in repairs or replacement since we have moved to a new house 15 miles away. Apparently consumers get penalized and lose all rights when they move? This is clearly a manufacturing fault, not customer neglect or wear and tear.Helpful?YesNo Shop online with confidence at, America's #1 independent kids furniture retailer. With nearly 150 hangings stores / showrooms, we have the coemption power to offer rank children's furniture at affordable prices. Discover the convenience of online shopping for kid leather's sleeping pad coverlet for all ages from babies to teens. We have a ample selection of alienated styles and colors, including present and contemporaneous looks, for boys and girls rooms. Delivered fast, right to your home [imgrabber img="Rooms To Go King Bedroom Sets 3"] I am so sorry that I did not read these reviews anterior to purchasing my furniture from Rooms To Go. I was screwed from the first day. Last Friday, I left work at feed time to go to a local R2G so that I can procure a bed I'd seen online. I wanted to take advantage of their express delivery so the order had to be in before 2 pm. I went in, made the order and was back at work before 2 pm. However, around 2:08 pm, I happened to tally my receipt and noticed that the clerk had ordered a Queen size instead of a King. I quickly called him to force the change. He replies, "Oh well, you won't be able to have the furniture utter tomorrow since it's after 2 pm now." Even though he admitted that it was his mistake. He'd asked me what size and I told him King, but he choose Queen We've needed a new comforter for a while, and I'd like to get a few duvet covers for diversity. Doug is usually more accepting of styles he doesn't like when done in muted colors, like grey Never again!!! I bought all of my living room and bedroom furniture from them in mid 2010 when I was 18 and starting to build credit. I made all my payments on time. The leather started peeling off my sofa in huge piece in early 2013 malignity the fact that I never spilled anything on it and treated it with calfskin conditioner. It was blended leather so thinking that was the problem I threw the couch out and went back only to find out they had closed my account without telling me as soon as I had paid off my furniture, which messed up my credit due to lowering my account age and available credit. I then had to reapply for credit with them, and I was approved for less than my original account despite never having made a late payment. This time, I asked an associate to show me only REAL leather hide that would not peel. I was also told they came with a excellent warranty against that after explaining the previous situation. Once again though, the leather is skin in position that are rarely even sat on despite the fact that I boughten a much more high-priced couch and treat it with leather conditioner. I called customer office and they said there isn't anything they can do. I just bought my dining room set from them and I still have a few payments left on the couch which already needs to be replaced now. I was circularly to purchase my children's beds from here next month but obviously THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE QUALITY IS AS CRAPPY AS THEIR FURNITURE. I will not be doing business with them anymore.Helpful?YesNo Word Count: 1232

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